The NZBTA (New Zealand Breast Thermography Association Incorporated) was established in 2010 as a professional, non-profit organisation to regulate the breast thermography industry in New Zealand. The formation of the NZBTA was instigated by Clinical Thermography Limited, to aid in ensuring that the industry it works within would adhere to high quality standards.

Currently, breast thermography is not regulated by the New Zealand government as it is not deemed harmful to the public and therefore does not require government regulation or monitoring. As breast thermography is becoming a more recognisable and acceptable health care modality internationally, it was felt that the industry required a self-regulating body to protect the public and its members.

The aims of the association include:

1.    Ensuring strict international standards and guidelines are adhered to by New Zealand breast thermography clinics and practitioners.

2.    Providing the New Zealand public with access to the best possible standard of breast thermography services.

3.    Enabling the New Zealand public and health professionals to access accurate research and information about breast thermography.

4.    Self-regulating and governing the industry under the suggested guidelines set forth by the Ministry of Health.

The association has a code of ethics, a complaints procedure for clients who may feel concerned or unhappy with the service they have received and a scope of practice to ensure that members work within their level of expertise.

The NZBTA is independent of the New Zealand government or any government agencies and relies solely on membership fees for funding.